Miguel Gomez

Interim Project Manager - Iberian Peninsula

Rights based fisheries management, co-management, fisheries policy analysis and development, environmental and fisheries communication

Miguel coordinates EDF Europe’s small-scale fisheries projects in Spain, working towards a vision of profound fisheries management reform nation-wide by implementing EU Common Fisheries Policy through co-management and rights-based management approaches. By working in partnership with WWF Spain he is introducing and implementing innovative data-poor fisheries management tools to improve fisheries science and incorporate it into decision-making through these approaches: which put fishing communities at the heart of managing the marine resources they depend upon.

Miguel is also working on the development of a new portal, the Comprometidos con el mar (Committed to our Oceans) website. This site brings together insights and first-hand experiences from across our Spanish learning network, including a compilation of fisheries management cases studies and tools to provide fisheries practitioners a real life vision of innovative fisheries management experiences. Bringing these personal stories and technical tools together, Comprometidos con el mar builds out a roadmap that aims to scale up EDF´s work across Spain and the Mediterranean.