Shipping Research

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Research and analysis

Our experienced team work on a wide range of topics related to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from the shipping sector. The main areas of focus are, among others, policy and legal analysis, decarbonisation mechanisms and measures, alternative fuels, and market based measures. We analyse these issues at international, national as well as local level.


Our latest research outcomes:

Sailing on Solar - Could green ammonia decarbonise international shipping. Our new paper finds sustainable shipping fuels can help developing countries benefit from the clean energy economy.​​​​​​​

The Norwegian NOx Fund. The paper analyses the mechanism behind the Norwegian NOx fund and describes the lessons learnt which could be applied especially for greenhouse gas emission reduction in the shipping sector. 

Lessons from other sectors for enabling the deployment of new low carbon technologies in shipping. The report draws out lessons learnt from various countries and sectors already reducing emissions. It highlights policies that can increase in-sector technology innovation, investment and commercialisation of technologies, and that can be adapted to the maritime sector.

The legal bases for IMO climate measures. The paper investigates the potential legal bases for the International Maritime Organization (IMO) to enact climate measures. It finds that the IMO has broad powers to enact almost any required measure, and quickly via a tacit amendment to the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (MARPOL).